What is Water Street Non-Profit Homes?

Cedarcrest Manor is owned and operated by Water Street Non-Profit Homes, Inc. Established in 1988 by local community groups, for over three decades Water Street’s mission has been to ensure our residents can live with dignity in a safe, secure, clean and comfortable environment while fostering a strong community spirit.

Water Street is inspired by a core set of community-based values and guided by a set of strict, comprehensive policies. For over three decades now, and with on-going support from York Region, Water Street has successfully operated Cedarcrest Manor in a financially responsible, efficient and business-like manner within the Region’s and the Province of Ontario’s evolving legislative and regulatory framework.

Cedarcrest Manor is a prime example of how community leaders, elected officials, dedicated volunteers and organizations like Water Street Non-Profit Homes can successfully work together to make Markham an even better place to live.

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